About us

Jetco srl

Leading manufacturer and distributor of standard parts for moulds and dies.

Founded in the early 90s, JETCO was specialized in the production of drill bushes DIN 172, DIN 179 and matrices DIN 9845 form A and B. Continuous investments in new technologies, in advanced machinery and qualified personnel have allowed JETCO to expand its production, thus being able to offer to the customers a wider range of products as shoulder screws ISO 7379, die-springs ISO 10243, conical interlocks, daters and much more, as you could discover visiting our “products” web page. Furthermore, an intense and scrupulous digital transformation process was completed, following the logic of "Industry 4.0".



Starting with the production of drill bushes and matrices

Jetco was founded for manufacturing drill bushes DIN 172, DIN 179 and also matrices DIN 9845 form A and B.


More and more products

A wider range of products for moulds and dies

Thanks to the new ownership in the 1997, Jetco has begun a continuous development, with huge investments by expanding the workshop (from 450 square meters to 1,700 square meters),2 modernizing the machinery and expanding the range of production with shoulder screws and many other standard parts for moulds and dies.



Pioneers for Industry 4.0

We have started our “digital-transformation” for innovating the company and launching us in the future by updating and connecting the machinery and the production’s processes to our ERP; all the data are automatically recorded for guaranteeing a perfect traceability of the batches during all the phases of the production.


Never stop

Every year important investments

New expansion of the production area on the way, we have bought the building next to our company and at the moment the modernization and seismic consolidation works are on progress, then we will install a photovoltaic system by 150 kW. At the end of these works we will have a covered area of 2.700 square meters on a total area of 11.000 square meters.

Years of experience


Sqm our workshop area


Machinery connected with our ERP


Active dealers in Italy and Europe

Quality & professionality

Why us


We are always innovating our company and always renewing our machinery, our technologies and software for accomplishing our process of transformation from a traditional to a “digital” production.


We guarantee a constant quality, working with the best raw material, maintaining our suppliers for a long-time cooperation and keeping updated our production process; all of it always under control according to our quality system ISO 9001


Thanks to our last development of the company to the industry 4.0, we are able to give immediately a reply to the queries of our clients, because we have now all the real-time production’s data and information, so we could handle at the best also all the urgencies as fastest as possible.

" There is a real progress only when the advantages of a new technology become for everyone "